Estofamento da cama de armazenamento Flip Top

610.00 - 1,320.00

Estofamento da cama de armazenamento Flip Top

  • 4 Drawers + lift up storage
  • Total exterior height 46 cm
  • Inner capacity 13 cm
  • Drawers capacity 14,5 cm
  • Muitos tamanhos disponíveis, de 80 x 190 cm a 200 x 200 cm
  • Entrega 30-40 dias
  • Choice of  styles on the lifting handles shown on the image
  • Entrega e montagem grátis ao longo do Algarve
  • Available in 8 colours of wood for the drawers
  • Over 30 colours in faux leather or fabric
  • Cabeceiras de correspondência disponíveis

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tructure made of highly resistant particle boards.
Baseboard made of melamine particle boards 16 mm.
Multiperforated lid for a better perspiration.Upholstered in 3D fabric.
Lid made of 10mm particle board joined with polymer and steel T-nail to
40x30x1,2 tube metal structure.
2 lengthwise bars on lids120 and larger.
1 lengthwise bar on lids 105and smaller.
Option to reinforce with one more bar, see rates.
3D SHAPED lid as standard.
Side opening option, see rates.
Divided lid option, see rates.
Total exterior height 46 cm, chest inner capacity 13 cm. Drawer capacity 14,5 cm.
It is always manufactured divided, for all dimensions.
For sizes equal to or less than 105, there are drawers only on one
side, the preference of the side in which you would like to place the
drawer must be indicated on your order.
English upholstery, with double seam in corner. Off -white thread.
Hermetic to the fl oor with silicone weather-strip to prevent the entrance of
Upholstery in customer’s fabric

Informação adicional


80/90 x 190, 120/135 x 190, 140/150 x 190, 160 x 190, 180 x 190, 200 x 190, 80/90 x 200, 120/135 x 200, 140/150 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200, 200 x 200


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